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Converting military experiences and training into civilian language and career opportunities!

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Converting military experiences and training into civilian language and career opportunities!  A challenge even for the experienced professional writer but CareerPro360 has aced this challenge.  Located at the gateway to Fort Benning, the nation's largest Infantry training post, CareerPro360 has over 22 years of experience converting military job descriptions into civilian career equivalences as well as translating individual leadership strengths into civilian executive, management, and supervisory qualifications.  CareerPro360 also assists those that no longer want to lead, just want hands-on job opportunities.

  • An Officer or Noncommissioned Officer is usually at the Executive or Senior Executive Level.
  • Those with less than seven years or just looking for hands-on job opportunities are at the Career- Level.


A one-on-one opportunity to determine career strategies:  job objectives, qualifications and accomplishments beneficial to a company, interview and job search tips, and related topics in order to assist in the creation of a Resume and/or Career Package (that might include the civilian and federal resumes, cover letter, follow-up letter, references, salary history/requirements, personalized stationery, networking cards, resume distribution, and related). Standard Packages or Customized Packages available.

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